Radiation Shielding For Medicine

Radiation Shielding For Medicine Picture

Tungsten PET Syringe shielding
Tungsten heavy alloy is often specified for syringe shielding in place of lead. It is easier for the technician or physician to transport and use for radiation protection.

Tungsten vial shielding
Tungsten vial shielding is one kind of tungsten alloy shielding. Because of its advantage such as virtually unbreakable and safe handling of radioactive liquids, our tungsten heavy alloy is the suitable material for vial shield.

Tungsten pig
Tungsten pig is another kind of tungsten alloy shielding. This is a storage container, known as a pig, intended for safely holding highly radioactive isotopes used in the medical field for treatment and diagnosis. It's made of tungsten, which is somewhat unusual for a shield, such as lead and depleted uranium being more common shielding materials. But it makes sense, all these metals are good shields mainly because they are very dense, which is another way of saying lots of atomic nuclei packed into a small space, the better to block fast-moving decay products.

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